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On the November of 1997, Cartoon Cartoon Weekend debuts on Cartoon Network. It aired 3 out of 15 Cartoon Cartoons (Dexter's Laboratory, Johnny Bravo, and Cow and Chicken (a I Am Weasel short played as a backup segment of the latter)) plus new never before seen What-a-Cartoon shorts. In the November of 1998, they aired the same except with new shorts like Kenny and the Chimp and Mike, Lu & Og. On the August of 1999, Cartoon Cartoon Weekend is shown with segments from the 1999-2000 edition of Cartoon Cartoon Fridays (Jack Horkenheimer from StarGazer, lottery shows, weather forecasts, NFL players, livestock auctions) as well as the lost outro that was identical to the Cartoon Cartoon Fridays outro of 1999, the lost show intros of Cartoon Cartoon Weekend that was identical to the Cartoon Cartoon Fridays show intros of 1999 were Chicken from Cow and Chicken, Mike from Mike, Lu & Og and Sheep from Sheep in the Big City, and the King Crab short (for odd reason, they did not turn into a TV show) and a sneak peek of Courage the Cowardly Dog. On the August of 2000, the intro of Cartoon Cartoon Weekend looks very identical to the Cartoon Cartoon Fridays intro of 2000. On the August of 2001, Cartoon Cartoon Weekend (Cartoon Cartoon Fridays: Big Pick Weekend) is shown a segment with Dee Dee from Dexter's Laboratory. So no recordings exist.

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