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Note: This is both a creepypasta and a lost file, please do not mistaken this as a prank or a troll, this is considered lost media because it wasn't found yet, and it has a large origin. 

There are a lot of Canimals fans in Korea and United Kingdom, but there were also some haters of it. Some people joke about it as being "Cannibals", hence the name, heck, they even have an episode that jokes about that, but people have suffered making this episode the most, because the idea did not originate from anybody from the company, but some incident at North Korea that inspired somebody to make this episode to mock the incident.

North Korea has been a bad place with heavy communism, and no freedom whatsoever, and were forced to do whatever job Kim Jong-Un assigned. There was a little girl named Jeong-ja, and she was employed to help farm for her local city. She lived in poverty, and she hated how her life was, she even cussed in the middle of the street and try to get ran over by some car. She is also mentally broken, so she would speak gibberish anytime, and she was shocked every time she has done it. Not only that, she had child labor with no payment, almost like slavery, and she never gone to school before.

It started by a night shift with Jeong-ja, where she is to take care of the animals to feed them, water them, and entertain them. The night sky was really dark, not even a moon, as it was on March 15, 2012, and all she could hear was the breeze of the air, and there were no lights on so it was hard for her to see. She chose to sleep in the haystack for a while for 2 hours, until she heard a noise, like choking, or puking, and it was very quiet, though, she decided to go back to sleep. Then the noise grew louder, until it was right next to her, that she woke up, and then she turned to her right, nothing, to the left, nothing. Then she went back to bed for a couple of minutes. Then she heard her sheep make a noise that kind of sounded morbid, and then she checked it out. She saw nothing when she has gone to the barn, and then she went back to bed. An eerie noise woke her up, and she was terrified, and so she went to the owner's house and knocked on the door.

Jeong-ja said there were strange noises outside, but the owner slammed the door on her face. The next thing she know, the noise was so loud, she was in discomfort. She followed the noise, and she found something unexpected. It was her llama eating her own little lamb, and all of the organs spilled out and blood was all over the den. She froze for a few minutes. Then the llama gingerly approached the girl, and then there were 2 dogs, 1 cat, a chameleon, and a rabbit, who neared in on her, then the girl screamed. She couldn't run away due to the horrible looks of the animals, how their sharp teeth had blood on them, and not just animal blood, human blood. The llama then opened her jaw, and had the girl in her mouth, and then the jaw snapped closed. The llama was putting so much pressure on her jaw, blood oozes from her mouth from the little girl, and she screamed so loud, it woken up the residents of her town.

Now, South Korea had something to do with this, because the llama wasn't from North Korea, it was from South Korea, and all of the other pets came from unknown location, possibly from hell, paranormal researchers say. The llama was no where to be found, and there was no evidence of where the llama was going, but the whole incident was caught on camera, but it wasn't shared on the internet, only with China's government, which sparked the obsessive hunt for this llama. The information leaked into South Korea and was kept a secret by South Korean government. They then distributed to a script writer of VOOZ club, and was told to keep a secret, but he shared the idea with his coworkers as a rumors, and now made into an idea of a Canimals episode. VOOZ club said that the episode was just going to be a kids version of the incident, but it was not really kid friendly when the publisher discovered the dark secret.

The publisher of BRB International said the graphics seem more realistic, and it was recorded in an Asian farm. BRB International also said that it actually shown the Canimals eating eachother and there was some "meat" in the Canimals being shown, and only a tiny amount of blood was shown. Unlike other episodes, this episode was 15 minutes long, and has no good plot. This eventually leaked into the United States on April 3, 2013, when they released the real episode to the public, and found a "strange" attachment, saying,"Cannibalism.avi", and it was the original edit of the episode. The US government decided to keep this episode as secure as possible, because it was probably valuable information that can help solve the llama mystery, and plus, it would be unethical to release an episode like this because researchers were said to have nausea, nightmares, depression and mood swings, and some even commit suicide after looking for evidence, and they said,"This video is only for the strong, and we do not wish the suffering upon innocent souls.", there was not even a screenshot of the episode because it was "haunted" itself.

After 3 years of research, there was no evidence of where the girl is at, and though she was never heard from again, the real episode was still released to the public, but it was never seen as a morbid sign of a death or even a cursed piece of footage that no one knows how or when it was recorded. If this episode was found, please report it to the police, do not post it on any social media or website that can be accessable, you will be prosecuted!

This is the episode if you haven't heard of it:

Canimals - 20 - Cannimalism05:12

Canimals - 20 - Cannimalism

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