Excerpt from the back cover of C.I.T.Y. 2000, mentioning a sequel. Source: MobyGames user game nostalgia.

C.I.T.Y. 2000, also known as City in Trouble Year 2000 is a point and click adventure game with puzzles, developed by Rollogame Ltd. and released in 1993 by Aditus, Inc. You play as Jon Daring, an American secret agent on a mission to stop the evil drug lord S. Rooter from taking control over London. The game uses a classic inventory system and live-action cutscenes.

C.I.T.Y. 2000 itself is not very rare by definition, since few copies can be bought on eBay and Amazon; the game also has been ripped and its digital copy is circulating online. However, the sequel made the next year, entitled C.I.T.Y. 2000 Paris (or City in Trouble Year 2000: Paris) never made its way to the Internet: there are no copies available on any abandonware site, nor on trading or selling websites. There are currently no website clearly documenting this sequel either; in fact, the only proof of existence of

CD-ROMS in Print catalog

C.I.T.Y. 2000 Paris is the CD-ROMS in Print catalog published by Gale Group: the 1996 to 2003 issues all indicate that Aditus published this game in March 1994 - with Jon Daring as main character again.

Very little can be found about the two companies: Rollogame has been involved in the making of at least 3 games (C.I.T.Y. 2000 for PC, Castelian for NES and Dream TV for SNES) and Aditus was a Montreal-based publisher. The sequel to an obscure game can sometimes be even more mystifying - in C.I.T.Y. 2000 Paris' case, the efforts of several collectors haven't reached any fruition yet.

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