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Brave Soldiers was supposed to be a English version of the infamous North Korean children's' cartoon Squirrel and Hedgehog, which is notorious for on-screen killing of characters and propaganda. The show has since gained two fanbases - an ironic one, and a non-ironic one which likes the character designs and the visual style.


Italian company Mondo TV S.P.A. wanted to license the anime, and release it in Europe, presumably with an English dub. A post featuring the official description was available on the Tumblr made for fans of Squirrel and Hedgehog, it got however deleted along with the whole blog. The European version tried to remove the propaganda elements, replacing it with a generic "bad army vs good army" cliche. Only one image of this version exists, with a prototype European logo. Any audio or full episodes weren't even made, as the localization got cancelled.

External Links

Mondo TV's Brave Soldier page

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