Bottom Live - The Stage Show, the first out of many successful stage tours based on the hit TV show, has had one scene that was in at least one performance that never showed up again in any home video rerelease or televised reairing. The scene in question involved Richie hiding his blow doll (which he called "Monica") from Eddie by hiding it under a sofa cushion right when Eddie walked into the room, to which Richie then sat on said cushion, only to have Monica's leg pop right out of it.

The footage of the scene is now apparently lost and, again, hasn't reappeared since in any way. Other lost scenes of note for the show include at least one slightly different performance for the scene where Richie and Eddie ad-lib and corpse constantly, where the location they mentioned Eddie was born in, based on where they were touring for the show, was changed to accommodate where they where touring for that specific performance at that point in time (the tour they did in Stoke was known for doing this: instead of being born in Southampton Eddie/Ade Edmonson said he was born in Stoke).

Bottom Live The Stage Show Part 610:11

Bottom Live The Stage Show Part 6

The portion of the live show where the lost scene supposedly takes place.

Rik Mayall & Adrian Edmondson break character07:41

Rik Mayall & Adrian Edmondson break character

The scene from the show where the location Eddie said he was born in would depend on what location the show would be touring to at the time.

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