Blue's Clues Rare Japanese Ad00:31

Blue's Clues Rare Japanese Ad

This is a commercial from the Japanese dub.

There is a rare Japanese dub of Blue's Clues that has only been found on the Japanese Nickelodeon website. Rather than the dub having a different host than Steve and Joe like in the British, European Portuguese and Korean dubs, instead their voices are dubbed over by Japanese voice actors. There are two videos of the Japanese Blue's Clues that have been uploaded to YouTube as of 2/20/2016. As of 3/3/2016, one of the videos sadly has been blocked in the US by Viacom.

Blue's Clues Japanese Footage (ブルーのクルーズ)01:22

Blue's Clues Japanese Footage (ブルーのクルーズ)

The banned scene from "Math"

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