CALUCCI'S DEPARTMENT opening credits CBS sitcom00:37

CALUCCI'S DEPARTMENT opening credits CBS sitcom

The opening credits.

I'll get Married Candice Azzara00:57

I'll get Married Candice Azzara

A clip from the series.

James Coco Candy Azzara Unemployment Office02:11

James Coco Candy Azzara Unemployment Office

More footage.

James Coco Candy Azzara Stealing03:19

James Coco Candy Azzara Stealing

Still more footage.

Calucci's Department is a 1973 Friday night sitcom aired on CBS. James Coco starred as Joe Calucci, supervisor of a New York unemployment office. His days are spent dealing with a variety of troubles including the squabbles between his ethnic staff, and a very eclectic group of claimants. 11 episodes were shown against NBC's smash sitcom Sanford and Son, leading to its cancellation. Hardly any of it has been seen since, save for most of the opening credits and a few clips featuring Candy Azzara as secretary Shirley Balukis.

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