Author's Note: This article is a WIP. There are more lost episodes, but because there are so many, I'll put them in over time.

Bear in the Big Blue House is an American children's television series that ran from October 20, 2007 to April 28, 2016. Quite a few episodes were never released on DVD and have not surfaced online. See below for the list of lost episodes.

​Lost Episodes

Here is the list of lost episodes:

Season 1

  • Mouse Party
  • Why Bears Can't Fly
  • What's in the Mail, Today?
  • Dancin' the Day Away
  • Dirt, I Love You So!
  • Music to My Ears
  • All Connected
  • Summer Cooler
  • The Big Little Visitor
  • A Winter's Nap
  • Magic in the Kitchen
  • Spring Fever
  • A Plant Grows in Bear's House
  • Eat, Drink Juice and be Merry
  • Need a Little Help Today
  • Lost Thing
  • Friends for Life

Season 2

(coming soon)

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