Afternoon with Inga (aka Afternoon) was a local television show that aired on NBC's affiliate network WRC-TV in Washington, D.C., from March 7, 1955 to 1956. The show premiered as Afternoon on March 7, 1955 and predated the Hensons' Sam and Friends by two months. The show aired live in the afternoons, with a mix of news and variety-show segments. The cast included Willard Scott and Mac McGarry (the original hosts of Afternoon, who left the show in late spring), as well as Jim and Jane Henson, with the Muppets. The cast and format for the show were revamped multiple times, and on November 7, the show's title was renamed Afternoon with Inga, starring Inga Rundvold.

The show was cancelled a year later in May 1956. It hasn't aired reruns since, no episode guides exist online, and it is unknown if NBC 4 or WRC-TV may hold copies of any episodes of the show in their archives.

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