A surviving still from Annette Kellerman's nude scene.

A Daughter Of The Gods is a 1916 film starring swimming sensation Annette Kellerman. The film is notable for being one of the first films to have a nude scene by a major actress. The scene caused a mild controversy, surprisingly only getting discarded by a few people. The scene featured the actress under a waterfall with her long hair covering most of her body.

The plot involved a sultran who makes a deal with a witch to bring his daughter back to life, as long as he kills a beautiful goddess. The man ends up accepting the death of his child and chooses to spare the goddess. The film was very well recieved (aside from the controversy).

The only surviving stills from the film are of Kellerman's nude scene. The BFI reportedly held a few feet of film for a few years, but they somehow misplaced it. It vanished into obscurity and has yet to emerge in any form.

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