3-2-1 Penguins is a spin-off series created by the creators of VeggieTales which was released in 2000. Six videos were released.

In 2006, the show was aired on NBC's Qubo block until 2009, when VeggieTales and LarryBoy were taken off the schedule.

Qubo aired the six videos and then creating episodes for the show. One of the episodes were called "Songs from Cosmic Cafe", a compilation of three songs: Space Surfin' Superstar, Spaceship Drivin' Man, and The Legend of Galaxy Gus.

The episode hasn't been aired since at least 2009, the last year the show aired on NBC, although the show did air on the Qubo Channel until mid 2014.

Smile of a Child and TBN air the show, although this particular episode no longer airs.

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